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Strategy Committee

The committee discusses the strategy required for development of the chemical industry and related industries in Japan in response to consultation by the Planning and Management Council. Through this process, the committee makes proposals to society at large and to administrative offices, etc., while promoting acceptance of the proposals. To facilitate closer examination of the major issues of the committee, it has the following four subcommittees under it. The committee seeks the opinions of the subcommittees, while implementing specific activities to promote the major issues.

【Strategic Planning Subcommittee】

Working together with the Strategy Committee as one, it will promote discussions for devising specific strategy that is required for development of the chemical industry in future.

【Project Subcommittee】

It promotes discussions from a long-term perspective concerning the nature of national projects and initiatives intended to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the chemical industry in Japan, with the aim of making proposals for specific national projects. Specifically, it promotes two types of projects: one that starts with a bird's-eye view of Japan's future, together with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JST, and other agencies; and the other that has a bottom-up approach type, starting with seeds obtained at technical job sites.

【Human Resources Development Subcommittee】

The committee discusses how young human resources should be cultivated so that they can shoulder the chemical industry of the future, as discussed in the Strategic Planning Subcommittee and elsewhere.

【Intellectual Property Subcommittee】

It discusses intellectual property issues common to the chemical industry and related industries in Japan, and promotes activities that aim at improving the presence of the chemical industry as a whole. The committee also provides suggestions to administrative agencies in charge of intellectual property, where necessary, and aims at helping to build and improve new foundations for intellectual technologies for chemistry.

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